10 questions to help you uncover your copywriting special Thursday February 7, 2013

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We’re all special. Now what?

In copywriting, as in everything, most businesses want to stand out.

But an effective approach is not simply shouting out the biggest thing you can think of about your business. That’s a very fast way to put off potential clients. If you can’t balance big claims with credibility, your special will soon turn sour. But it isn’t about finding the quickest, easiest way to sum up what you do, either.

So what is that special thing and how do you find it?

I’ve written before that copywriting doesn’t just mean writing well. It’s about digging much deeper – not throwing in a common or garden claim, but looking for what makes you different. And no matter how crowded your marketplace is, it will be there.

Try these 10 questions to start communicating what’s truly special about your business:

1. How do you solve people’s problems? What process do you apply to what you do?

2. What do clients regularly say about the way your service helps them?

3. What is it that excites you about what you do?

4. What do you genuinely think you do differently to others in your market?

5. If you had to list five adjectives that sum up up the way you work, what would they be and why?

6. How did you start out doing what you do? How did you get to this point?

7. What were the key landmarks in your journey to this stage?

8. If you’ve ever experienced a client moving to your service from someone else’s, what reasons did they give you for that change?

9. What specialist knowledge do you have and are there any particular niches you love to work within?

10. Think about a couple of your favourite projects – what made them such a positive experience?

Feeling special yet?

Discovering what is uniquely special about your business can take time. You already have the answers, it’s just about finding the perspective to see it clearly. Once you’ve uncovered it, you can create content that defines your business more powerfully. Giving it more impact, more definition and more of a response.

What could be more special than that?

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, Nottingham, February 2013

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