Camilla Zajac: Copywriter, Green Light Copywriting

It could be argued that my copywriting career started when I began writing stories and making my own little ‘books’ from about the age of six!

Officially, it started when, more than 17 years ago, following a career in communications, I began writing and developing resources for the charity and not-for-profit sector.

This really took off, and, excited about the power of writing to inspire and inform, I set up Green Light Copywriting in 2003. What really got Green Light going was the demand for content that could compete in a crowded marketing landscape.

It’s a demand that saw me work regularly with leading companies in energy, HR and manufacturing, helping shape their success through unique content for blogs, internal communications and articles.

Since then, Green Light Copywriting has grown to offer creative copywriting support for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Based in Nottinghamshire, Green Light provides flexible copywriting support to companies locally and across the UK.

What I’ve found is that companies appreciate my ability to translate often technical and complex topics in a way that brings them to life. This has seen me win work with leading companies in engineering, telematics and other sectors. Take a look at what they’re saying about my services.

But that’s enough about me and Green Light Copywriting!
What about you? Can’t find the time to write your copy? Ask me how I can help!

Get more on copywriting in the Green Light Copywriting blog.

Which words matter to you?
Take a peek at a video about I made about words, filmed in Nottingham’s Market Square…

As well as being a copywriter, I am the proud author and editor of a number of books. You can see some of them in my Google knowledge panel below.

Telling stories
I’m delighted to have been chosen as a winner in the 2021 Ellen J. Miller Memorial Short Story competition!

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