20 ways to squeeze more value from your content Tuesday July 5, 2016

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Like to squeeze even more value from your content, whether it’s your website, emails or direct mail? Read on.

1. Speak louder

Want to be heard by your potential clients? Look again at your content to see whether the tone of voice is doing your business justice. Could it be time to take your company’s voice from generic to memorable or from robot-speak to personality-packed? This will add value by giving your content more character and making it more memorable!

2. Share stories, not sales pitches

How’s your content been working for you up to now? Not hard enough? This could be the ideal stage to assess whether you’re really telling an inspiring story about your business or just pushing a sales script. Our brains are programmed to respond to stories, so why miss out on the opportunity to bring the power of an interesting tale to your business?

3. It’s not you. It’s them

It really isn’t all about you. Why not review your marketing content to really understand whether or not your content is all about your client, rather your business? This will instantly add value to it in the eyes of your prospect. How can you help them? What’s in it for them? Look at ways to replace the list of your company’s many achievements with content which compellingly demonstrates what you can do for your customer.

4. Show, don’t tell

Why just talk around your company’s benefits, when you can highlight how you benefit your clients? Don’t just tell them, show them how great you are with case studies that detail the amazing stuff you do. This will bring your business to life like nothing else.

5. Ask more questions

Never underestimate the power of a good question or two. If you want to get more from your marketing content, make sure you’re asking all the right questions first! How do you actually resolve your customers’ problems? What do you do differently to others in your market? Great questions can generate all kinds of insights that you can apply to make your content more active and engaging.

6. Stay present

Staying present matters. Are you really relishing those opportunities to make your marketing content topical? Spend some time exploring how you can connect your blog, enewsletters and other marketing content with current events like festivals, special days and perhaps even quirky happenings. It’s a relatively simple way to keep your content relevant.

7. Get closer to your audience

With copywriting, business-owners often feel tempted to stick with one particular approach. But if you’d like to see more of a result from your content, you’ll do well to look at the power of the marketing persona. This is all about getting closer to your dream customer. You can do this by asking the right kinds of questions: what is important to this customer right now? What are their priorities and how can I match that in my copywriting approach? What kinds of goals and interests motivate my clients? What bothers them? Create content around these issues and you’ll instantly make your content more valuable.

8. Give your client a voice

Here’s something you may find surprising. Valuable content doesn’t always have to be about what you write. Are you overlooking the power of what your clients have to say? Client testimonials can be a very beneficial part of an effective copywriting strategy. I appreciate that many business-owners often feel too busy to follow up for testimonials, but they are worth the effort! It’s a simple and enduring way to enhance everything you’re saying in your content with an added stamp of credibility. With the right approach, you can re-use client testimonials in a range of ways to add even more value to your content!

9. Jack in the jargon

Could technical-speak be getting between you and new business? Does your website sound as if it’s swallowed a work manual? Jargon overload is an easy way to reduce the value of your content. If you’d like more effective content, a great way to start is by weeding out the jargon and replacing it with a more human, approachable tone of voice.

10. Search for special

Copywriting is not just about stating what you do. Replace the factual statements with content which specifically pinpoints what is special about your business. Facts are important, but so is carefully selecting and sharing the right ones. This could be facts like the surprising thing that inspired you to start your business, the incredible new sector you’ve just moved into, the number of people you’ve helped…

11. Look for a new angle

Have you noticed a drop in response to content that’s perhaps a few years past its best? Now could be a great opportunity to take a step back and refresh how you convey your message. Changing your angle can give you a great deal more scope for how to look at and write about your business.

12. Swap serious for funny

Making your audience smile is a powerful way to create content with more value. Work in a little humour and you’ll create a more inviting statement about your products or services!

13. Put your creative hat on

Could this be the time to reinvent how you and your audience see your business? It could be, if you dare to get a little more creative. Taking a fresh view on your business topic can really help to share what’s uniquely special about that product or service.

14. Make a great offer

One quick way to add value to your content is to make a clear unambiguous offer. It could be a free consultation, a chance to win something great or a little of your time for free. This will instantly draw attention to your business and show that you mean business too!

15. Prune it

It may sound like contradiction, but if you want more value from your content, you could benefit from cutting it down. Is your current content packed with lots of words and unclear messages? Pare it right back to create more of a response!

16. Be generous

Value in content also means value for your potential clients, like informing them about the things you know will be of interest to them instead of just what’s of interest to you. This could be a blog which features helpful tips and updates, rather than simply sharing the latest news about your most recent business triumph, for example.

17. End it well

Is every aspect of your content designed to create a lasting impression? Consider the ending as well as that fascinating first paragraph. Don’t overlook the opportunity at the end of your content (your web pages, for example) to remind people of your core message and benefits. Add value by making sure people leave your website with a clear sense of what you can do to help them.

18. Simplify

Adding value doesn’t necessarily mean doing more. Consider the ways in which you’re currently sharing your content. Are they working for you? What could you do to simplify your marketing approaches and reach the right people with less effort?

19. Bring out the benefits

Does your content clearly explain why your business is the best choice? Look at converting the facts about what you do into the many important reasons to buy into your business and you’ll instantly add more value to your content.

20. Request a response

A classic and commonly committed content error is to overlook calls to action. So if you want to see more action-packed content, don’t ignore the power of a great call to action! Ask yourself how you’d like your potential customer to respond after they’ve read your content: call, click or what? Then make it as easy as possible for them to do that!

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, Nottingham, July 2016

  1. "Jargon overload is an easy way to reduce the value of your content."

    I see you and raise you. It’s an easy way to eliminate its value or even go negative.

    Phil Simon    Sep 16, 04:26 PM    #

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