4 great videos on the power of storytelling Sunday December 27, 2015

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“Let me tell you a story…. “

Few other phrases create such instant interest and anticipation in another person. That’s because we human beings are hardwired to respond to stories, from our favourite fairy tale when we’re young to the tale of other people’s lives when we’re older. A story well told captures the imagination long after it has been shared. No wonder then that the most successful companies thrive through the tales that they tell. Here are 4 videos that explore the power of the story…

1. How to find your brand’s story

What is brand storytelling? How does a business actually go about telling a story that resonates with the right people? This video provides a handy little introduction to the subject.

2. Tips and idea for powerful storytelling

Wish you could get more from your content marketing approach with stories? This video shares some good tips with a clear focus on quality over quantity, both in terms of copywriting and strategy.

3. Telling stories that subvert convention

Stories sell products – when they’re told right. In this video, a leading marketer shares how he applied the power of brand storytelling to help a winemaker far exceed expectations.

4. How to get business storytelling right

People remember stories better than statistics, as this video reminds us. It also looks at examples of what happens when great brands create interest and loyalty through storytelling.

Want more?

Want to know more about the power of storytelling in copywriting and content? Here is Marketing Week’s view of the UK’s top storytelling brands of 2015. I also like this overview from the Guardian on the ten rules of brand storytelling.

Need help with creating content to bring the story of your business to life in 2016? Let’s talk.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, Nottingham, December 2015

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