30 questions that will raise your content game 10 December 2019

To find the right copywriting answers, you need to ask the right questions. Try asking these questions before you start planning your copywriting strategy.

1. How will this piece of content help my business to stand out?

2. How will it tell a story about what my business is about and what I want to achieve?

3. Are there ways to build in client testimonials and feedback to create more impact?

4. How can I ensure that my new content matches the style and purpose of my existing marketing content?

5. Does my copywriter have a clear idea of the tone of voice I want?

6. Have I looked at how to avoid the use of industry jargon?

7. Have I planned how to communicate how my service or product helps people rather than just selling to them?

8. How will I ensure that my content is different to that of my competitors?

9. Am I clear about the nature of my audience?

10. How will I bring technical issues to life in a way that will appeal to our audience?

11. How will I make sure that the word count and messages fit the specific format?

12. Do I have a clear review process in place?

13. What results do I want to achieve from this piece of content?

14. Is this content part of a strategic copywriting plan?

15. What are the core messages of this content?

16. What kind of emotional response am I hoping to create in my reader?

17. Is there any way to simplify what I am writing to make it even more effective?

18. Is there a way to repurpose older but still valuable content to include within this new piece?

19. Do I have a plan in place for updating this content in the future, for example, for online or social media content?

20. Do I plan to road-test the content once it is written to assess the response it receives?

21. Does the style and approach of the content fit with the nature of the business?

22. Have I fully analysed what has proved most effective with past content before starting on this new piece?

23. Does my planned approach for this content fit with the audience I want to reach?

24. Does this piece of content give me the chance to try out a new copywriting style or approach?

25. Do I have an agreed person or group of people in-house to review and amend the content within a clear time-frame?

26. Have I looked at different ways to make this content more distinctive?

27. Have I considered how to avoid using clich├ęs?

28. How will I ensure that my copywriting approach addresses what is important to my audience, rather than to me?

29. How will I avoid falling into the trap of talking about my business rather than bringing its benefits to life?

30. How will I make sure that my content flows naturally but strategically from one message to the next?

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, December 2019

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