Celebrating 16 years of copywriting for business! Wednesday August 28, 2019

A lot can happen in 16 years. And a lot has since Green Light Copywriting first began! From writing content for some very familiar names to having my articles translated into five other languages. From that first moment of seeing my words on a huge poster in a client’s meeting room to finding brand new ways to communicate about familiar topics. It’s all been fascinating. That process has of course been made all the more interesting and challenging by the slings and arrows of recessions, marketing industry changes, the rise and rise of social media… oh so many things. The rules keep on changing, but so do the opportunities to keep innovating, to connect with people in entertaining and informative ways. I’ve had the privilege of working with many amazing companies and writing about many great products and services for more than 16 years. That definitely warrants some birthday cake. Or at least a lovely virtual one, as created by Bebu. Thank you to my clients, friends and supporters. Here’s to the next chapter!

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, August 2019

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