In celebration of copywriting 30 July 2021

Balloons to celebrate a big copywriting birthday
18 years ago, I made the leap. And Green Light Copywriting was launched. It made my friends nervous. It made me nervous. But what an adventure it has turned out to be!

As you would expect of a copywriter working over almost two decades, I’ve seen a lot of change: the rise and rise of social media, the shift in tone of voice in many industries from formal to fun, the recognition that the value of content goes far beyond a clever strapline.

That’s all great.

But I still think that the fundamental things apply. Clear, strong messages. Empathy with the people who can benefit from services or product. Clarity combined with creativity.

One of the joys of copywriting is that never-ending quest to find new ways to say familiar things. Another joy is getting to know new companies, services or products, understanding what makes them different and putting that into words.

I’ve loved throwing ideas around with clients. I’ve loved pinpointing the right words for the right company. I’ve loved moments like the one when I attended a new networking event and was asked to interview people there and then and turn that into content! And I’ve been lucky enough to walk into a meeting with potential clients and end up with good friends.

I’m so grateful to the many people who have relied on me to find the right message for their marketing. Cakes, careers, components, ghosts, analytics platforms, energy… the list of subjects I’ve written about is a long one! And it continues to grow.

To all those who have trusted in me over the past 18 years – thank you!

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, July 2021

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