How copywriting helps businesses thrive in an uncertain world 17 September 2016

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What’s the most certain thing about business? That it is uncertain. In the 13-plus years I’ve been working as a copywriter, I’ve seen all kinds of changes. I’ve watched as apparently solid companies shape-shift. I’ve observed long-established businesses hit by sudden changes in their clients’ priorities. A lot has happened. Just as new opportunities have arisen, other ones have fallen away. So how can good content help sole traders and businesses to stay ahead in an uncertain world?

Strengthen your identity

In an ever-changing business climate, a clear, unmistakable identity is an undeniable strength. Who are you? What does your business stand for? How do you stand out from your competitors? And is this all immediately clear to your potential customers? One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed in copywriting and marketing is how much more marketing noise there is out there. Good content can help you cut through the babble. The other great thing about a clear identity is that it is very reassuring – a highly attractive quality in a fast-changing world. Be clear about what you stand for rather than relying on fluffy, waffle-laden marketing content to get you through.

Grow your prospects

Things going well? That’s great, but as anyone who has been in business for more than five minutes knows, life can change very quickly. Relying on the status quo is not an option any more. And who would want it to be? Change keeps life interesting. Good marketing content can be of great value in good times and a crucial advantage in more challenging times. By creating high quality content that tells a unique story about your business, you can continuously generate and nurture potential new customers. Think about how you can make the most of your blog, newsletter or social media to continually remind the world why your business matters. Doing this consistently is a much healthier way to prepare yourself for the inevitable changes that take place in business, instead of as a reaction to new circumstances.

Be ready for the next big thing

What’s around the corner? Well, however hard you plan, you can’t always know which new opportunity might present itself at the last minute. So you go to that meeting with the exciting new prospect. Great, but then they want a brochure or a breakdown of your business offering. Or you get the chance to have a stand at an amazing new business exhibition, but your brochure is hopelessly out of date … Having good content ready and waiting will help you be ready to respond to that new possibility as soon as it appears. Why waste time running to keep up when you can be prepared before that opportunity even appears?

Show the difference

In a more challenging business climate, everyone is clamouring to tell the world how great they are. But why tell when you can show? With highly targeted marketing content, you can actively highlight your expertise. You can also develop your professional profile through publishing on LinkedIn, use great content to get yourself noticed in industry publications and build your reputation by having a clear message to share in response to the latest issues affecting your industry. That’s the difference which could help see you thrive during more challenging times.

What’s next?

What’s next? Well, that’s up to you. It’s impossible to predict how events are going to go, however well you plan. But with high quality targeted content and a consistent strategy on your side, you’ll be more prepared to take advantage of whatever’s around the corner.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, September 2016

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