Why telling one story isn't enough any more 18 May 2017

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I love talking content with my clients. In one recent conversation, a client made a comment about the fact their marketing is receiving a great response thanks the range of content they now provide to industry magazines and websites.

I think that this comment picks up on one of the biggest changes in content in recent years. I’ve noticed that an increasingly big part of my copywriting role is to uncover and communicate multiple stories and perspectives. Having a copywriting strategy which focuses on just one specific story about your brand or business just isn’t enough any more. One story about your brand is limited, repetitive and also more likely to be sales-driven. That’s old-school. If you want to gain a response in your industry, be ready to tell a variety of stories and create a range of perspectives on your business, service or product.

Welcome to the age of multi-faceted content

Multi-faceted content is audience-driven, versatile and flexes into different settings. It reveals different levels about your business. It brings your business closer to your ideal audience by demonstrating how it will change and shape their world. This shift also means that people are more likely to recognise themselves in your content and respond to it.

Creating lots of content doesn’t mean you’re telling many stories

While you may have a blog with plenty of posts, how much of a varied insight is it really providing about your business? Is it giving multi-layered perspectives on your business, or is it simply selling or retelling stories of your success over and over again? One approach is limited and the other has almost unlimited potential.

Why is this such a big deal now?

A big part of this change is the way that online content and industry publications have diversified over the last few years.

The huge world of content segmentation allows people to select content which suits their niche interests. So, if you have multiple content which specialises, your content is more likely to be picked up different audiences. Creating a wider range of content makes your content marketing more flexible and adaptable.

Not only that, but I think that, in opposition to how some people see it, the growth of blogs and other channels is helping to create an appetite for certain types of content, particularly the “how-to” article, guide or white paper. Creating a range of “how to” guides is a powerful way to reach fresh audiences. But it needs to be done right. There are a variety of ways to create new stories which I’ll cover in a follow-up blog post. If you are stuck for ideas, a good copywriter should be able to help you generate different stories to tell about your business.

So, if you want to make your business a success in the content world, make sure you uncover different stories to highlight how it helps people.

Old-style content is fixed to one identity and one approach. New style content shares the value and excitement of your business with a multitude of perspectives. Which way is your business communicating with the world?

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, May 2017

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