17 words for 17 years of Green Light Copywriting Friday July 31, 2020

Now is the time for cake and celebrations because it’s been 17 years since Green Light Copywriting first began! To mark the occasion, here’s a list of 17 words for 17 years…

1. Fascinating

My philosophy is that if I don’t find the subject I’m writing about fascinating, no-one will find the resulting content fascinating either. So, the approach I’ve taken over the last 17 years is to aim to get “inside” the product or service but also inside the minds of the people who will benefit from it. Always a fascinating process.

2. Perspective

One of the things I hear companies say most frequently is how they can no longer see the all-important wood for the trees. They are usually looking for someone who can take an external and detached perspective on their business. Standing back and looking afresh at a new or a familiar topic is something I’ve done plenty of!

3. Network

This stands not only for the various business networks which have supported me along the way but my own network of friends and supporters. Some are very sadly not with us any more but they continue to inspire me. Thank you to all of you!

4. Relax

This is the word I associate with having finished a particularly demanding piece of work and the feeling I like to encourage in my clients!

5. Freedom

Aah, wonderful freedom. The freedom to be creative and find a fresh voice for a client. But also the freedom and uncertainty of freelancing as a copywriter. This is what has made it all such an interesting adventure.

6. Adrenaline

As you might expect, there has been plenty of this over the last almost two decades. There is the “fun” kind of adrenaline created by meeting and working with great companies and finding the right way to talk about what they do. Added to that is the buzz of meeting a tough deadline. Then there’s the other kind of adrenaline created by uncertainty and change – all part of being a freelance copywriter. It’s the nature of the beast and a beast which has frequently proved to be friendly.

7. Curious

I don’t think it’s possible to be a copywriter without having this quality. Authentic curiosity in the subject I’m writing about has spurred me on, and I think, made me better at what I do. It’s been great to learn about so many different organisations – how they work, how they stay successful, what they want to achieve and more.

8. Growth

As I’m inclined to say on occasion, progress isn’t a straight line. These past 17 years have evolved just as my client-base has. For some companies, I have been there at the start and grown with them. Others have changed suddenly and quickly as businesses sometimes do. I’d love to tell you more but I’m sworn to secrecy.

9. Ears

There wouldn’t be any copywriting without the ability to be receptive to what a company wants. That means listening out for what they are looking to achieve rather than creating the content I think they want.

10. Tea

Good old tea. I’ve drunk a lot of it over the years. At meetings, between meetings, during the copywriting process, to celebrate the start of a new project, to celebrate the end of a project. And now to mark 17 years of Green Light Copywriting.

11. Connect

While it is unfortunately not always something which seems valued in business, I have found empathy plays a really important part in copywriting. I’ve learned that companies need to be heard – not only in what they say out loud but what they communicate between the lines.

12. Talk

Copywriting is about the written word but it can’t really be successful unless there’s a certain amount of talking first. What is the content for and what does a company want to achieve? There have been plenty of these kinds of conversations in the past 17 years of Green Light Copywriting!

13. Explore

It’s been amazing to spend time exploring what an organisation means with clients and really get to the heart of what they want to say. And I’ve also loved learning about all the interesting projects and innovations going on out there.

14. Loyalty

Loyal means staying true to an idea and a plan for content. But it also means the loyalty between copywriter and client and I’ve been very lucky to have this. As one special client said to me a few years ago, that long-term relationship helps to strengthen my copywriting. The more I get to know and understand the detail of a company, the better the quality of the content I create for them.

15. Beginning

This word stands for all the beginnings I’ve had – the first word written for a new project, the fresh ways of looking at a well-known topic, the first meeting with the new client…

16. Creative

An obvious one, I know, but I really couldn’t have found the copywriting answers to my clients’ content conundrums without creativity – properly targeted creativity, laser-focused to what each company wants to say.

17. Ideas

I find it interesting that there is still a perception about copywriting simply being about arranging words. Yet without the right ideas to guide them, those words don’t count for much. One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about the last 17 years is being given the licence to go off and generate fresh ideas. A common experience for a lot of organisations is not being able to identify the many great qualities and benefits of their own service or product. I’ve found it very rewarding to get to know so many organisations and tease out the right ideas to bring them to life.

With so much copywriting over the last 17 years, this list could go on for much longer! I’ve certainly seen many changes but the one thing which hasn’t changed is the need for organisations to find a voice that is credible, compelling and unique to them. Here’s to the next 17 years!

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, July 2020

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