What content in 2021 tells us about 2022 1 January 2022

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Welcome to 2022! I used to think that now would be the point at which we would be surrounded by friendly robots and travelling in flying cars. While the future never quite matches our expectations (because it’s more interesting than that), I did notice interesting changes to content approaches in 2021. Here are just a few of them – and some thoughts on what they might tell us about 2022.

When normal goes out of the window, keep going

One project I worked on last year was creating new website content for a well-established company. They saw business-not-as-usual as a good time to review their entire image and tone of voice. They weren’t alone. Content was definitely seen as a vital means of communicating both change and consistency in 2021. I also created blog content for companies keen to share that they had continued to innovate. Even when everyday business was anything but. As this article for manufacturers discusses, the power of a good copywriting approach can help companies take the sting out of bad news, strengthen client relationships and much more.

Adjust your tone

Another theme I noticed in 2021 was the number of clients looking to update their tone of voice. Many of them wanted to make the leap from a formal or neutral voice (seeing that as perhaps a little old-fashioned) to a livelier and more one-to-one tone. I certainly enjoyed it, for example, writing blog posts from a more personal perspective and speaking directly to audiences. I think this is a very positive shift and it will be interesting to watch how it evolves in 2022.

Continue to innovate

Perhaps the pause on ‘normal’ life sparked fresh energy – or maybe it’s just that innovation never stops. It’s all too easy to focus on the disruption when there are so many great new innovations bubbling away just under the surface. Last year, I was lucky enough to be involved with some exciting projects where innovation was centre stage. Long may it continue in the year ahead.

Seek out new ideas

2021 was the year for ideas. Not surprisingly for unusual times, businesses were keen for creative input. There was a definite appetite for ideas around how to present messages. This also extended to new ways to shape company voices. Again, while it is a reflection of how pressed for time so many marketing teams are, I think it is great to see. Copywriters are increasingly recognised as ideas people as well as words people. In my view, it points to some interesting creative collaborations in the year ahead and beyond.

Make your content pay

Repurposing was a major focus throughout 2021. Companies were keen to push their content impact to the max. From a copywriting approach for multiple channels to updating high quality articles, companies were looking, very wisely, to squeeze as much value as possible from the content in which they had invested. I’d love to see more companies making the most of their content’s full potential in 2022.

Change ahead?

What do you want to achieve from your content in 2022? More audience, more focused copywriting, more volume? None of us really know how the future is going to pan out, however much we plan. But in 2021, I saw clearly how content can help to define the voice, identity and success of diverse types of organisations. While this is pretty much true for any year, it’s even more important in times of challenge and change. I have no doubt it will continue to be the case in 2022. Here’s wishing everyone a great start to 2022.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, January 2022

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