How to turn a humblebrag into clever copywriting 1 March 2018

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Can you see what they did there? This clever copywriting approach manages to take the bore out of boasting. The emotive and punchy word “gutted” draws you in. Then, once you’re hooked, the rest of the content tells the story.

Sharing positive news in an advert is a tricky thing to pull off. It’s often written as a plain statement, or – at the other end of the copywriting spectrum – it’s done in an emotional, gushing “I’d like to thank my agent” kind of way.

This approach is much smarter.

The clever copywriting manages to share some impressive achievements, but in an unconventional and relatable way. It makes the advert feel more human and personal, as befits the First Direct brand.

This is a great example of a copywriting approach that uses words that seem to say one thing, but have the opposite effect.

Yes, it’s a prime example of a humblebrag.

But I think it uses that device for maximum impact and minimum cringe.

It achieves that thing that a lot of great copywriting does – sharing a story of good news or products or services while keeping us on side. Not an easy thing to achieve, especially for a bank…

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, March 2018

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