How to create unique content 30 August 2021

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Unique copywriting defines a business or brand as distinctive. That matters if you want yours to be noticed.

But what does unique content actually entail – and what’s the best copywriting strategy to apply to achieve it?

Unique, not weak

One myth which never seems to go away is that copywriting simply means finding the nicest or most elegant way to say something.

Even when this view allows that perhaps copywriting also involves adding a twist of humour, or working in a sales message, it still isn’t enough.

Depending on the content, of course, these approaches have value. But genuinely, fully communicating what is unique is, in my view, vital to effective copywriting.

Yes, but what is unique copywriting?

I’m talking about copywriting that powerfully communicates a memorable story to highlight exactly why a company is the best choice – in every word, line and paragraph. And the story it tells shouldn’t be about any old widget or discuss generic widget benefits. Every aspect of the content should be geared towards sharing what’s great about that particular widget company.

Unique is never just about filling a space but about speaking for the identity, value and benefits of a business. Unique also means the content is created around the specific company’s ideal client-base, so it talks powerfully and directly to that audience.

That means really getting to know a company and what they’re offering.

I speak to many companies who say in the first meeting that they don’t think there’s much which is interesting or unique about them. There always is.

How can I achieve more unique copywriting?

Apply that classic piece of copywriting advice – really understand what your company is about and the value you offer to the customer. Explore why it is that people continue to use your product or service. Client feedback can be a valuable source of insight for this.

What unique content is:

  • Has something new to say
  • Applies its own distinctive voice and style
  • Enjoyable to read
  • Only uses messages which are distinct to that company or brand
  • Focused specifically on the company and its benefits in either a direct or indirect way
  • Recognisably about that particular company or brand
  • Matches the company’s values and ethos.

  • What unique content isn’t:

  • Quirky for the sake of it
  • Overly chatty – unless this fits with the company’s tone of voice
  • Self-conscious and self-referential – again, unless the tone of voice, market and audience calls for it
  • Similar to or the same as other brands.

  • Unique vs. generic copywriting

    Why go for generic when unique content speaks louder and more compellingly? And removes some of the stages of connection between you and your ideal customer?

    What is the lifeblood of any good relationship? Trust, of course. And trust grows through knowing a brand. Good, strategic content helps you get closer to potential clients more quickly. Because there’s more to being noticed and remembered than just being ‘different’ for the sake of it.

    Truly unique content can take you beyond competing with many others to competing on your own merits.

    Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, August 2021

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