What's your copywriting colour? Part II 10 January 2011

Do you know your copywriting colour yet? Looking for the right tone for your communications? Back in 2010, I looked at three copywriting colours and the best ways to work with them. Whether it’s powerful purple, striking pink or even subtle white (yes, I know it’s not strictly a colour), find yours here.

Copywriting colour # 4 – Purple

Written style
Luxurious, longer sentences, more adjectives.

Managing to be both spiritual and worldly at the same time, purple is a great one for certain types of copywriting projects. It’s one of my favourite colours. It’s also strongly associated with a certain brand of chocolate. (Could these two facts be related?).

Copywriting in purple is about creating a warm, relaxing tone of voice. It’s a mellow, but clear style that appeals to the reader. This makes it the kind of writing that sounds particularly good when it’s read out loud.

The trick with using purple in your copywriting is to maintain a luxurious tone without it collapsing into parody.

When to use purple

  • Purple copywriting is very effective in certain types of advertising copy and for online or offline brochures where you want to tell a story about a product or service.
  • Go purple with your copywriting when you want to engage people on a feeling level.

Copywriting colour # 5 – Pink

Written style
Punchy, direct, chatty, personal, shorter sentences.

Contrary to popular associations, pink copywriting is not ‘girly’. It’s bold, bright and active. This is a tone of positivity and action. If pink were a person it would be a morning person. This tone is chirpy, focused and gets things done. Pink is great for encouraging people to act fast to respond to an opportunity.

Pink is a copywriting shade that will help to energise your audience. It’s about blowing away the cobwebs and winning people over. Obviously a bold colour, pink copywriting helps you to create a message that’s both striking and memorable.

When to use pink

  • Pink copywriting is perfect for creating copy for advertising and for home page content for certain types of products or services.
  • Pink is ideal for inspiring people about a brand new concept so try it for punchier enewsletters, too.

Copywriting colour # 6 – White

Written style
Clear, friendly, more impersonal, balanced.

I know what the pedants are thinking – “White isn’t a colour? So how can it possibly be a copywriting colour?”. While it isn’t really a colour, white can definitely make a mood. A white tone to your copy creates a style which is very subtle, but very definitely there. But it’s an unobtrusive style which aims to draw attention to the message, rather than the medium itself.

Possible risks with white copywriting involve context i.e. you need to use it in a setting where subtlety is the best approach. Choose the wrong setting and you’ll end up losing your audience.

When to use white

  • White copywriting is great for when you want the facts to stand out, without too much fanfare.
  • White is perfect for report writing or for any information that needs to feel official, but with a clear, appealing style.

Did you find your copywriting colour?

Did you find the right colour for your copy? It’s amazing what a difference the right tone can make. Still wondering whether you need to go for subtle white, bold red or warm yellow? Let me know.

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