What's your copywriting colour? 2 December 2010

What’s your copywriting colour? Is it cool blue, strong red or warm yellow? No I’m not talking about breaking out the crayons (fun though that is), but discussing copywriting with the right style for an audience. Are you crafting your communications with the right tone? Do you shout when you need to speak – or create a distance when you want to win people over?

Have you found your copywriting colour yet? Take a look at three of them below.

Copywriting colour # 1 – Red

Bold, striking and confident, red has always been the mark of a strong statement. It’s no different when it comes to copywriting. When your copywriting is red, you’re making an impact. This style of copy is ideal for creating a clear statement, for example in advertising or for a webpage aimed at encouraging people to respond.

Go red with your copywriting when you want to reach people quickly and when you have little space and one or two clear messages to communicate.

Red can be risky when you lose the balance between a bold tone and a respectful attitude. After all, most of us want to win people over rather than get under their skin.

When to use red

Red copywriting is great for advertising, punchy ‘squeeze’ pages on websites and quick email updates to regular customers.

Copywriting colour # 2 – Blue

Calming, cool and rather grown up, blue copywriting is great for content that is approachable, but professional. This is a style of copywriting that aims to inspire with subtlety rather than shout from the roof tops. Friendly, but understated, it’s a good choice for regular, professional communications. Go azure with your copywriting for business content that needs to convey a serious, but positive message.

One potential risk with blue is failing to use it in the right context. Sometimes it’s better to warm up your style a little. Another consideration for this shade of copywriting is to use it in a context where your audience will get it, when you know people have the time and commitment to take in the message.

When to use blue

Blue copywriting is great for business newsletters and reports, certain types of introductory emails and customer updates about a particular service or product.

Copywriting colour # 3 – Yellow

Sunny, glowing and the shade of buttercups, as you would imagine, this copywriting colour is great for warming up your audience. Yellow is the right tone for copy that excites people about what you have to offer.

Yellow may seem all summer meadows, but it’s actually a powerful copywriting colour for conveying an important subject in an engaging way. It’s gentle, but also very powerful, because it speaks to the heart (aah).

Yellow is gentle, but it ain’t no softy. Use yellow copywriting to create a persuasive message. Yellow may be the colour of little Easter chicks, but it is the colour of copywriting that brings a factual subject to life.

When to use yellow

Yellow copywriting is great for when you’re writing about a potentially sensitive subject or introducing a technical or factual subject to a new audience.

Do you know your copywriting colour?

Do you know which colour you communicate in? Your choice of tone can have a serious impact on how you build relationships with people. Just think of it as interior design for your communications.

More copywriting colours to come soon.

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