The spelling scam Tuesday November 10, 2009

It’s amazing what the details reveal. Like spelling. Or the lack of it. Over the weekend, I read Tony Levene’s article on scam job websites. One of his tips for spotting if a site is just a dodgy ruse to get your personal information is the language it is written in. To quote: “Read the small print – bad grammar or spelling are giveaways.” This started me thinking about the connection between poor spelling and even poorer ethics. The lack of attention to detail can say so much, as these examples also show. Experts highlight spelling and grammar errors as a strong hint that an email is not quite what it seems to be. I’ve mentioned before about the impact written mistakes can make. There’s definitely a connection between quality copy and credibility. The message is clear. Make sure your copy is giving away the right clues about your business. And leave the dodgy spelling to the scammers.

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