Writing, with a side order of sarcastic 25 May 2010

Here’s a little story about sarcasm. About three years ago, a new client asked me to write them a brochure. “We want it to be slightly sarcastic,” they explained over the phone. They also asked for an amusing approach with more than a hint of attitude (from the copy, not from me). Along the way, I created interesting stories around each of their products. But why did they want to make people smile with their copy? In a market where content was quite generic, they knew they could use their copy to make their products stand out. The end of the story? It worked. The client now has a distinctive voice that gives their products extra sparkle. They’ve even noticed one of their competitors trying to recreate their sarky-with-a-smile house style. A clear sign of entertainment being the sincerest form of flattery.

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