Why ask a stranger to write about your business? 17 October 2012

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The head bangers know it. The fifth draft re-writers have experienced it. So too have the ‘Nearly, but not quites’.

Too close for comfort?

They are the business-owners who find that knowing their business inside-out actually prevents them from writing about it. They’re the people who phone me when they’ve done a seventh draft – but still feel a million miles from the right message.

The copywriter paradox

For people who haven’t had that experience, it can seem like a paradox worthy of Doctor Who. How can a copywriter – who is effectively an outsider – be able to write about their business in a way that sells it?

See the wood for the trees

The same reason somebody might think twice about using a copywriter is precisely the value of the right copywriter. It’s all about the distance. For the business-owners who have looked at creating the content themselves and not been happy with the results, this perspective is exactly what they’re after. It can provide that all-important distance to highlight what’s really important and interesting to potential customers.

Look again

This new viewpoint can also show up the strengths that may have been overlooked up till now. The right copywriter will spend time getting to know not just your business, but your goals and your market – then transform that insight into unique content designed to sell your business.

And absolutely no head banging required.

by Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, Nottingham, October 2012

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