Change - best friend or worst enemy? 15 July 2010

"Image illustrating copywriting for innovation"
Change. It’s the one constant. So how do you respond? In the many years I’ve been copywriting, I’ve noticed some common errors made by companies in times of changing priorities. Three of these are:

Copy change mistake 1: Reacting not responding
“There’s a new idea or a novel way of promoting our services. Quick, get on board!” It’s great to seize an opportunity, but these companies often end up with a fragmented message which doesn’t fit with the overall message of their copy. You only have to see this week’s Gillian McKeith on Twitter
saga for an example of what happens when you get on board without a guidebook.

Copy change mistake 2: A sudden stop
“We need to focus our spending – now.” This is totally understandable, but bringing a publication or a blog to an end to cut costs needs to be managed carefully. What will you tell your existing audience? How will you keep them up to date afterwards? With a sudden stop, first your customers lose out, then your business does.

Copy change mistake 3: Information overload
“We need to tell all our customers about all our services…all at once!”.
Information overload doesn’t generally win people over. They just switch off. This approach is usually a short-term, full throttle deluge of data instead of a long-term strategy with consistent copy.

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