Why these myths about copywriting are bad for business 5 May 2016

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In the time I’ve been providing copywriting services to business, I’ve encountered some interesting myths. It seems that copywriting is still open to misinterpretation. Here are three of the most common myths going round:

Myth 1. “Copywriting is just about writing well”
This is a myth I regularly hear repeated. Despite the increasing value of marketing content, many companies still view copywriting as just the delivery of grammatically correct, pleasant sounding paragraphs. It isn’t unusual for people to see copywriting as the process of rewriting existing copy to sound better. Not so. Of course copywriting is about creating well written content – but with a much bigger purpose. Its ultimate aim is to convey a message that engages and persuades your audience. It’s also about highlighting what is unique about a particular product or service. That’s a great deal more than a cosmetic overhaul.

How to bust the myth: Make sure that you create content designed to persuade your reader about the value of your business to them.

Myth 2. “Copywriting doesn’t have a real place in strategy”
In a world where content (marketing) is king and the internet demands high quality content that is continually refreshed, it’s surprising how often copywriting is seen as something separate from a company’s overall strategy. In this all too common myth, business goals and copywriting are kept in completely separate boxes, instead of supporting each other. That’s why you still see company blogs that convey an out of date message and project bids that focus only on stating the facts, rather than selling the business. New opportunities offered by inbound marketing make this myth even more of a loser for businesses.

How to bust the myth: Plan for your content alongside your main business and sales and marketing plans to ensure that they support each other.

Myth 3. “Copywriting can be left till last”
This myth can have a serious backlash on business progress. A company is keen to get started with their new venture. They haven’t got the time to spend working on their copy or on finding a copywriter. So the business starts out with copy that fails to sell it or that misses out what makes it distinctive. The plan is to get the copywriting done once they find the time. Meanwhile, they are saying one thing to new prospects while their website copy or new brochure is saying quite another (or nothing at all).

How to bust the myth: Before you launch that website or start emailing your contacts, make the time to clarify exactly what you want to say and how you’ll make it stand out from others offering a similar product or service.

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Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, May 2016

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