5 copywriting questions to ask about your innovation 29 December 2016

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Where do you start when you’re writing about something new? This is a question I’ve been asked regularly over the years. People often tell me that they wonder about the best place to begin when they’re writing about their new product or service. Copywriting with innovation in mind does demand a different mindset. Of course, there are all the essentials such as target audience, your core message, SEO issues etc. But there are some other valuable areas to think about as well.

Here are just a few pointers on what’s involved with copywriting for innovation:

1. What’s the buzz?
What is it that excites you about your new product or service? What’s given you the boost to bring something new to the market? Apply all this inspiration to your copywriting process and you’ll create content that reflects you and your new business to maximum effect.

2. Where’s the gap?
Where is the space between your new innovation and what other people are offering? Use this difference to speed up and clarify your copywriting approach. This is the space that will inform the messages you use in your copy, the contrasting benefits and features, the thing that makes your innovation truly special.

3. What’s the change?
Your new product or service will create some change within your market and the industry. What are these changes? What new opportunities will your particular innovation bring to the market – and how can you include them within your copywriting approach?

4. Where’s the voice?
If your innovation is offering something new, why does it sound so familiar? This is a common issue with copywriting for innovation. Businesses work hard at creating something fresh for their market – then communicate about it with copy that has a similar voice or style to what’s already out there. Instead, create a clear and appropriate voice for your innovation. Identify your particular style by considering not only the obvious aspects such as your target market, but also by looking at the wording that will both fit and highlight your innovation.

5. Where’s the starting point?
An important aspect of copywriting for innovation is finding the strongest starting point between what you’re offering – and what your audience needs and currently knows about. Being clear on these areas will help you create copy that reflects your innovation and keep it relevant and important to your potential customers.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, December 2016

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