Is your business missing out on these great copywriting benefits? 1 August 2016

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Wondering what copywriting can do for you? Whether it’s more business, more profile or better productivity, it might surprise you to learn that an effective copywriting approach can actively help drive all these goals. Here are just ten reasons why great business content can benefit your business.

1. Showcase yourself as the expert

Who wouldn’t want to be seen as an expert or thought leader in their industry? But this isn’t about ego (unless you want it to be). This is about your copywriting approach adding value to your business by actively highlighting you as a credible figure in your chosen field. The growth of social media makes this even easier to achieve. Create more value from your copywriting by developing content that showcases your specialist knowledge – and how it can help people. Share insights and tips from your own experience to see a positive impact on your business and your profile.

2. Sell before you sell

Where’s the company that wouldn’t like to sell a little or a lot more? Yet many companies are still missing out on the value they can gain from a strategic copywriting approach. Content is often pushed out reactively rather than being linked with what a company wants to achieve and how it works its sales cycle. But it’s not only with the bigger picture that companies overlook the potential value of the copywriting process. They also forget the value in the finer detail – the actual messages they’re sending out to potential customers.

3. Inform and inspire your employees

Copywriting can help inspire your employees as well as your potential customers. When it’s done right, you can apply a copywriting approach that connects with your entire team, whether you have a workforce of 7 or 17,000. This means using content within your communications to reach out more effectively to your employees. While for larger companies this could be an employee intranet, for smaller businesses, it might be about involving your team with the development of a new brochure or the creation of a community site. The secret is to find ways to strategically involve your employees.

4. Cash in on the content revolution

You may have noticed that there are some very interesting things going on right now around content marketing. Within just a few years, Twitter, Facebook and blogging etc have become part of everyday life. They, along with the internet, have helped to create a world where content is packed with potential value for businesses. Match your copywriting approach with a strategy that can help to draw in more business and cut down the time you have to spend on chasing new leads.

5. Define yourself as the best choice

It’s tough getting heard amid the herd. Use the copywriting process to clarify what it is that makes you the best choice for your customers. This will add value to your whole approach and how you connect with people. By asking yourself what differentiates you from the rest and why this matters to customers, you can create a stronger approach, both in and outside of your communications. The copywriting process can provide valuable thinking time to identify what makes you the best choice.

6. Connect more with customers

Copywriting is often overlooked as a value creator. But what’s more valuable than connecting with your customers? Done right, your copy can help you create more meaningful relationships with your customers and keep them coming back to you. Instead of simply creating content around selling yourself, add value by providing content that answers your potential customer’s questions. Plan your copywriting process around the kinds of issues that affect your existing and potential customers. Provide answers and feedback to their business problems. You’ll have connected better with them and gained even more value from your copywriting approach.

7. Thrive in times of change

Change is a fact of (business) life. Used right, your approach to your copy can strengthen your business in times of transition. It can achieve this in several ways. One is that you can use your copywriting approach to fine-tune the detail of a change – whether it’s a shift in what you offer or the creation of something entirely new. Another way is to use your content to keep your employees and your customers in touch with what’s happening and nurture them through that tricky period of development.

8. Showcase your achievements

Another important way you can add value through copywriting is to use it to show off the achievements of your business. Maintain this consistently and you will actively build a credible profile both on and offline. This doesn’t just have to be through blog content. It could be through email updates or guest blog posts or something else altogether. The trick is to make it current, interesting and relevant to the people you publicise it to. Doing this will add value by strengthening your business profile.

9. Create a powerful business portfolio

The value of copywriting lies in both the short-term, immediate response to new opportunities as above, but also in the long-term view. Combine your copywriting approach with your long-term business strategy and you can develop copy that supports you as a company. Create added value by developing a powerful business portfolio of content. This is something that can be live and online – or offline and ready for important occasions. The secret is to match your copywriting plan with your overall business plan. What resources will support you in the next few months? Is it targeted case studies to show a potential new client – or a pre-prepared presentation for a new group of clients?

10. Highlight the way forward

What’s your plan for the future? Do your customers understand where you’re going next and how you can help them? For both new innovations and existing companies, the copywriting process adds value in another way by highlighting what you stand for and where you want to be in the future. Your content can help to clarify exactly what you want to achieve, by combining your key messages and inspiring your customers about what you have planned.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, August 2016

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