What's so magic about copywriting? 14 June 2012

Old wall sign illustrating copywriting article
“Your magic please!”. So said the title of an email sent to me by a regular Green Light Copywriting client.

As flattering as it was to receive, the email started me wondering about whether copywriting is indeed magic or something much more down to earth. The feedback from this particular client has been that the copywriting magic comes in by bringing out the best in the company and by editing their content to create something more powerful than the original.

Is that magic? Perhaps. But I think the copywriting effect is something less and more than magic. It’s about drawing out what is unique about a company. So it’s not simply about writing well, but copywriting to specifically mirror a business and its target audience. An effective copywriting focus creates communications which are unique rather than generic, which demand attention rather than fading away fast.

And in a world packed with bland marketing messages, I guess there’s something more than a little bit magic about that.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, June 2012

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