Is it just me or is everybody starting to sound the same? 15 June 2012

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Is it just me, or is everybody starting to sound the same? Only a few years ago, the Innocent tone of voice was pioneering.

Now it seems that practically every product on the shelf wants to talk to us,
Alice in Wonderland-style.

Once unusual, that direct, one to one copywriting voice is everywhere now. From takeaway coffees warning us that they’re hot to business websites that talk to us like we’re old friends.

While this copywriting style has made it more interesting to deal with everything from buying pet food to travelling abroad, isn’t it all starting to feel rather generic?

Sure, it’s better to have positive, friendly copywriting instead of dull, factual content for obvious reasons. But changing your copy style to chatty is not the same as becoming distinctive.

Some companies still do the direct and familiar tone of voice very, very well (like our healthy drinks friends mentioned above) because they do it with a clear purpose. But the danger of using it without discrimination is that your business ends up sounding just like everyone else’s. It seems that now more than ever, there is a real value to finding your own voice.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, June 2012

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