Is your copywriting as clever as it could be? 18 June 2012

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The copywriting myth

Psst! Here’s a little something surprising about copywriting, a thing that many people still overlook. This is a misconception which is still popular amongst many businesses and which can cause their communications to let them down. Wondering what it is, the little secret that so many companies still forget in their copywriting strategy? This important myth is actually about what copywriting isn’t. Because copywriting isn’t just about writing well, and it isn’t just, as someone once said to me, about ‘making sentences look nice’.

Finding the difference

Done right, copywriting is much cleverer than that. Your copywriting works smarter when it’s been written to make your company sound different. That means your copy isn’t only professional and well written, but distinctive and unique to you and what your company offer.

This is the difference between generic content and copywriting aimed to reflect your values – and your value. Smarter copywriting should take your content beyond nicely written sentences to really define your company from its competitors and share what is special about you. With a tougher marketing environment out there, more clever means more commercial.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, June 2012

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