5 reasons business copywriting is more than words 6 February 2020

Here’s a copywriting conundrum for you: your content is about a great deal more than just getting from A to B. These are just some of the reasons why:

1. Good writing isn’t enough

A lot of business-owners out there still seem to believe that copywriting just means writing well about a specific subject. But the process and the results actually go a great deal deeper than that. Making this kind of error can mean you end up with content which merely describes rather than sells (in the best kind of way) what your company has to offer.

2. One size doesn’t fit (all)

When is copywriting just writing? When it’s well written, but generic. This is writing that, even when well crafted, could be applied to almost any of your competitors. It happens when there is an over-reliance on stock phrases and familiarly structured arguments. Effective copywriting is uniquely created for you and designed to reflect what is original about your business.

3. One voice misses many opportunities

The title above may sound a little like a Zen saying, but it’s actually stating something simple, but essential about copywriting. As I blogged recently, there’s a particular chatty tone of voice which is very popular right now. It has been adopted for all kinds of products and services. Yet this approach to copywriting is overlooking the fact that a more targeted style will connect better with customers and define your company more effectively.

4. Well crafted paragraphs do not naturally mean business

The well-made paragraph is important. But it doesn’t naturally add up to effective copywriting. It may be nicely crafted, but is it designed to maximise its impact on your audience? A common misconception I frequently encounter is the belief that copywriting is solely for the purpose of filling space in a website or blog. But this totally overlooks the potential sales and marketing value of effective content.

5. Copywriting needs to be for impact – not just for itself

Just because something sounds nicely written doesn’t necessarily mean it is constructed specifically to win over the reader. Writing about a company is not the same as copywriting to match a market, an audience and a context. Is the content needed to create an impact quickly at a business exhibition or is it required to tell a story on your website? We all read and respond to content differently in different contexts, don’t we?

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, February 2020

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