Is jargon the junk food of the copywriting world? 4 July 2012

Jargon – it’s the junk food of the copywriting world. It can seem so very tempting, yet there are all kinds of hidden health risks for your business. I spotted the sign below outside a pub in Nottingham recently. It captured my attention for all the wrong reasons.

Image of pub sign in Nottingham for a copywriting article

OK, it’s only six words and it’s only a sign. But it also says something about our addiction to jargon. This is something I’ve written about before, looking at the dangers of robot language in copywriting.

More professional? Not so much
While I speak to many business-owners who value the power of a direct tone of voice, there are others out there who still believe in jargon. A lot of the time jargon is seen as denoting formality, gravitas or status.

But this isn’t an argument of two sides or a simple case of black and white. It is just the converse of those companies that rely on an over-familiar tone of voice which isn’t right for their business. After all, in copywriting, too informal can be just as weak as too formal.

The answer? To find a unique copywriting style that conveys the strength and formality you want, whilst clearing out the jargon. That way you will highlight – instead of hiding – your message.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, July 2012

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