Is your copywriting a ghost of business past? Friday July 6, 2012

Is your copywriting approach just a ghost of business past? In a marketing climate which is changing all the time, lots of companies still seem to take that risk.
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I call it ‘copywriting lag’ (like jet lag, but without the fun holiday part in between). It’s the duration of time between when you change your business and when your copy catches up. This gap isn’t surprising when you consider how busy companies are. But is it leaving them stuck in the past? Here are three signs that your copywriting approach may be harking back to a bygone business era:

1. You feel like you’re reading about someone else’s business

If your own website makes you feel like you’re reading another company’s content, it is definitely time to update. This copywriting identity crisis could be due to a copywriting approach which hasn’t kept up with the way your company is developing. While it’s great news that you’re growing, your copywriting plan needs to mirror your progress!

2. Your employees and your content don’t speak the same language

Is there something of a mismatch between the way that your team and your content talk about your services? This is clear sign that your in-house view has shifted, leaving your copywriting approach behind.

3. Reading your marketing content is like peeling an onion

No, not because it brings tears to your eyes, but because when you read it, you feel like you’re working through layers of your company’s past. This classic error means that an inconsistent copywriting strategy has left you with a mish-mash of mixed marketing messages.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, July 2012

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