Attack of the 1000-word home page 25 July 2012

No, it isn’t some copywriting B movie that has yet to hit the silver screen. But it did pop into my head a few weeks ago when I was working with a new business client.

Websites and antitrust

As I blogged earlier this week, the average business website inspires a surprising amount of mistrust and your copywriting approach has an important part to play in winning over the cynics.

A lot to say?

Both your website home page and your online copywriting strategy are vital in helping to build trust between you and your web visitors. My new client was understandably keen to build in all the essential points on their own home page. They had a lot to say as their draft version of their home page showed – all 1000 words of it.

Fighting back against B movie copy

My job was to fight back against the attack of the superhuman home page – with a copywriting strategy that didn’t let my client’s marketing plan down. I had to take on the challenge of the invading word count whilst retaining all the key points. My take was to see off the deadly sting of information overload, whilst creating a unique and engaging message. It’s an old copywriting battle that comes up in many forms.

An important cliché

And the moral of the story? Well, I know that what I am about to say is a cliché, but it is a cliché for a very good reason…because usually, when it comes to your online copywriting approach, less is definitely, undeniably and utterly more.
Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, July 2012

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