How to avoid time travel in your business content 9 October 2012

Image from copywriting nottingham specialist, Camilla Zajac

Park the DeLorean

I have a confession to make. I love time travel. Time travel in films, that is. But not so much in business marketing content. Yet many business-owners seem keen to take a trip back to the days of yore, or at least to when their company was different.

It is strange how many companies keep their marketing content firmly stuck in the past while they work hard at getting ahead. Sometimes I notice clients focus on developing a newsletter and neglecting to overhaul their existing content.

So how do you avoid turning your copywriting approach into a blast from the past? Here are three pointers:

1. Get a fresh (re)view

Set a date to review your content and stick to it. Check all the copy you use to promote, showcase or describe your company. Does it fit with what’s happening in your business right now? Are you really sharing the latest offers, the freshest news and the most relevant information with your ideal customers? Build a copywriting and content strategy that helps you achieve that and you won’t look back.

2. Join the dots

Is your copy really coordinated? Yes, here comes the B word. Branding isn’t just about having a nice logo. Do your website, brochures and blog posts fit together – or fight together? Check if they match or if they sound like they’ve been produced by different companies.

3. Find your core

If your review reveals that you have a great deal of content on your business, it’s time to create some core or boiler plate copy. That is, core content that you can adapt and use in sales letters, client emails etc. Different people may be sending out content across your business, but it should sound consistent. Find your core and your content will stay bang up to date rather than holding you back.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, October 2012

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