5 ways your content could be putting off potential clients 10 July 2022

It’s scary what can get between a business and its potential customers. Fortunately, it is possible to apply a copywriting approach to help transform your content from a sales obstacle into something much more inviting.

Here are five ways your business content could be putting off prospects – and what you can do about it:

1. Information overload

Overcommunicating can be just as damaging as its opposite. So don’t let content overload drive away interested prospects. Apply a consistent copywriting approach to reduce the chances of death by information.

2. An impersonal approach

No-one wants to feel like the invisible man. Impersonal and generic content could make potential customers believe that they don’t really matter to you. By adopting a more targeted copywriting focus, you can create content which is more likely to win them over.

3. The illusion

You know those fun house mirrors that distort your reflection beyond recognition? Well, if you want to stop prospects backing away from you, you need to keep those mirrors in mind when you’re copywriting for your business. In other words, turn your approach around so your content reflects what’s important to your clients, not you.

4. The jargon barrier

Jargon is a weird thing. It creeps up on your prospects until, without even realising it, they’ve battened down the hatches and cut off from your message. Use a more focused copywriting approach to rigorously adapt your content. That way it will speak loud and clear to the right people instead of sending then heading for the hills.

5. Stuck in Dullsville

Sadly, some businesses still end up hypnotising their potential new clients with less than engaging content. Apply a strategic copywriting focus to bring out what’s really interesting about your product or service. Seek out the unusual and keep it relevant to your prospects. Then you’ll have content that’s more thriller than filler.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, July 2022


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