Why this little statistic is one big copywriting clue 7 November 2012

Even though I’m a word person, I do enjoy a good number. Yesterday I heard that more than 1.2 trillion emails are sent out across the world, every day.

That’s Every. Single. Day.

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It’s one statistic. But it says two very important things:

1. Your sales emails have serious competition. Everything rests on how much attention you pay to your copywriting approach right now.

2. You could get filtered out before you even reach your target. Prepare for over-vigilant spam filters designed to put your email straight into your intended recipients’ spam file if it features certain ‘sales’ words.

The signs are clear – business sales content, whether it’s for email or web, needs to be designed with both man and machine in mind.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, November 2012

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