Three copywriting tips for effective content conclusions 6 December 2012

In copywriting, a great ending is just as important as a great beginning.

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The value of a great content finale is as true for a landing page as it is for a brochure. Yet so many companies still let their own content end with the proverbial whimper rather than a bang.

Why does this still happen when the ending is really the summing up of a captivating story? It’s literally the last word. So what can businesses do to prevent their content from fading away so unmemorably? Here are three tips for a happier – and more effective – copywriting ending:

1. Bring it together – Yes, your content is coming to an end, but now is not the time to forget your mission. Don’t neglect to remind people of your core message and benefits. People read fast offline. Online, they don’t even read – they scan. Be sure that they’ll leave your content with a clear sense of how you can help them.

2. Build a bridge – The end is not simply where you stop writing and they stop reading. Used effectively, it’s a powerful connector with the very start of your content. Don’t miss the opportunity a great ending gives you to build a more effective and striking argument. Link back to the start. Remind the reader why they first started reading your content in the first place.

3. Tell them what to do next – Your call to action is vital. It’s surprising how many companies still seem to miss a trick by having great content, for example on their website, then fail to follow through with a call to action. What would you like the reader to do once they’ve finished reading your content? Ask them to do it in as compelling and as clear a way as possible.

The last word

Make closing your content with a powerful ending an essential aspect of your copywriting approach. After all, the finish isn’t really the end. If it works effectively, it should be just the start – of a great conversation with your prospects.

by Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, Nottingham, December 2012

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