Have you fallen for the content illusion? Wednesday January 2, 2013

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As you would expect, I have a lot of conversations about content and copywriting. One of these involved a new client telling me that he looked at his website one day and realised that the content sounded like a stranger’s. He suddenly felt that his own site did not sound anything like him or his business.

Stop, look and listen

This reminds me of a recurring problem with business content – people stop seeing what’s really there, whether it’s that their copywriting approach has left them stuck in the past or that their tone of voice fails to fit with their target audience.

Getting left behind

As valuable as business marketing content is, the fact remains that it’s all too easy to stop seeing what is in front of us. Not only can this mean you lose the connection with how you’re presenting your business, you can also get left behind in the face of all the new marketing approaches and platforms.

Four essential questions

After the fireworks and the er, recovery phase, a fresh new year gives us the opportunity to do one very powerful thing for our content – to step back and take a fresh view of what we’re doing with it. So if you have a little time and space before the usual work routine gets going, have another look at your marketing content and ask yourself these questions:

1. Does your content really fit with what you want your business to say in the year ahead?

2. Could a more creative approach give you a whole new perspective on how to present your services or products?

3. Does your content sound distinctive or the same as other companies on the market?

4. Does the style of your content fit with how you would describe your business to a prospect?

Taking a fresh view of your content can rejuvenate the way your clients see your business. It can also help you become more creative in how you sell your services and define you more powerfully in your marketplace.

by Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, Nottingham, January 2013

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