Can copywriting work without a plan? 24 January 2013

Having been in copywriting for quite some time now, I’ve noticed some patterns in the way many businesses approach their content.

More and more companies recognise that content is valuable. But there’s something missing – the answer to an all-important question…

Image illustrating blog post by Nottingham copywriter Camilla Zajac

The question is: what do you want your content to do?

Yes, you want it to bring in more enquiries, attract interest, define you in your marketplace and strengthen your credibility.

Of course you do.

But what else?

What’s the plan?

Business copy without a plan is like taking a walk without knowing where you’re heading…you might see some interesting things along the way, but ultimately you’ll probably cover the same old ground. Or even end up in a cul de sac.

Analogies aside, whatever content you’re thinking about or starting to put into action, ask yourself: how will this content benefit me long-term? How do I see it connecting with my business strategy?

Start with those kinds of questions about your copywriting approach and you’re much more likely to achieve the answers you want for your business.

By Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, Nottingham, January 2013

P.S If you’d like to chat about your own copywriting plan, just let me know.

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