Smile! Why personality counts in content 4 March 2013

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In copywriting, why are so many companies afraid of personality?

OK, they might not admit it or perhaps even recognise it. Yet there are many businesses out there with content which is still buttoned up in a uniform.

So what do I mean by uniform? I’m thinking about the website that is perhaps well written, but which sounds similar to that of many other businesses. This is the brochure which lists all a company’s services without attempting to excite customers about what’s on offer. Remember the generic newsletters you receive? No? Exactly.

What’s the missing ingredient?


Personality is the reason we know certain brands so well. It’s the connector that makes them stay in our heads. This isn’t only about funny, though amusing can be very effective. Personality can also be edgy, caring, informative, driven…

Personality matters. It has business value.

Personality is the essence of copywriting. It’s the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ because it’s a style which has been carefully designed to sell. It is what is hidden within a company’s tone of voice.

Personality is that little voice that stays in your head, despite yourself. It’s the quirky twist that makes content more memorable and individual.

The secret is to discover that distinctive voice and how it matches your business and market.

As cheesy as it might sound, when we make people smile, they’re more likely to remember us. And in copywriting, that’s what counts.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, May 2013

P.S If you’d like to chat about bringing more personality to your own copywriting approach, let me know.

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