Copywriting? It's a (de)fine line 15 March 2013

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I like this sign. Not only because it made me smile, but because it reminded me about that all-important connection between an organisation and the words it uses. (I do apologise for the quality of the photo. I took it in a hurry and, no, I couldn’t possibly tell you where I spotted it…).

Recently, I’ve been hearing some interesting conversations about how we define what an organisation is about and what those words actually mean. Sure, giving something a ‘label’ doesn’t change what it is.

But it’s an important marker of what a company or a product stands for. Just look at the issue of choosing a company name – or even the recent debate about absinthe

Some cynics may still see copywriting as simple ‘wordwash’ (sorry to invent yet more jargon when I usually fight against it). But that’s forgetting the reality that the words we use really do build associations and impact. I’m not only talking about the sales literature and marketing side of copywriting, but the everyday language that we use to communicate throughout a company.

Done wrong, the content you use both in and outside of your organisation can undermine trust. Done right, or with an individual take, it could turn a potential marketing problem into something rather creative.

An effective copywriting approach? It could be the defining line between where you are and where you want to be.

By Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, Nottingham, March 2013

P.S. If you’d like to chat about adding even more definition to your own copywriting strategy, let me know.

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