5 ways to turn time into a copywriting resource 26 April 2016

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Get set, go! In both copywriting and marketing, time is fast becoming an essential resource. That’s thanks to the power of targeting content to fit with seasonal events, special occasions or even changes in the weather. We’re all getting used to seeing content dedicated in this way. I think there are some clever and funny ways to do it. But the timing needs to be applied with the right marketing and copywriting strategy. So what can businesses do for more effective copywriting within this approach?

1. 0 to 60: Don’t forget who’s reading

However timely or topical your marketing content is, it still needs to be relevant to your target market. You also have to be sure your seasonal marketing message actually fits with the interests of those people you’d like to see respond.

2. Rewind: Keep you in mind

Yes, you – and your business. Coordinating your content more closely with the calendar can be powerful. But don’t just make it about a particular time of the year. Look closely into your copywriting strategy first to draw out what is relevant to your company as well as to that time of year. This could be products that are helpful for your customers over a particular public holiday, a special offer to help them out precisely when their budgets are stretched or a perfect present idea. Don’t expect your timing to do the selling for you.

3. Pause: Stay in good taste

Sadly there are occasional moments when this type of marketing gets it horribly wrong. Fall into this trap and you’ll put your prospects off or even find them naming and shaming you.

4. Count the days, not just the season

Adapting your copywriting and marketing approach to chime in with a certain event? Great, but it isn’t the whole package. Precision timing within that is still essential. Craft your copywriting and marketing strategy so it matches impeccably with the time and tone of the event. Don’t just rush it to fit in or you could undermine your message.

5. On your marks…

So your content matches with the season or the holiday. But does it fit with your overall copywriting and marketing strategy? Customers appreciate consistency. Balancing your complete marketing strategy with an active approach to seasonal content? It’ll help you count down to greater copywriting success.

By Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, Nottingham, April 2016

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