3 reasons word rage matters to your business 29 August 2013

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Word rage never really goes away. One good example of this is the public response to the news about the Oxford English Dictionary apparently ushering in brand new words like ‘twerk’ and ‘selfie’.

But after the furore calmed down, people started to realise that they’d got their facts wrong. The OED does not now include these words. They’ve actually gone into Oxford Dictionaries Online. Cue a big public sigh of relief.

Literally furious
So what does this response to the inclusion (or not) of strange new verbal constructs have to do with copywriting? Well, it’s a clear reminder that people really care about the words we use. Look at the public reaction to the more modern meaning of literally being added to the OED

Changing voice
Language is defined by change. Copywriting reflects these changes, both in terms of tone of voice and overall approach. Copywriting for all kinds of companies has become much more informal, direct and chatty. This trend seems to have filtered down from larger brands looking to connect more powerfully with their customers. Businesses everywhere are now looking to show more personality through their copywriting approach.

Word rage is a sign that your copywriting approach matters. Here are just three reasons why:

1. You’re writing for humans
If your customers are human then they’ll probably have a stronger response to content than they realise. They might not consciously be looking for that typo or that over-wordy website home page, but they’ll certainly notice it if it’s there.

2. Your customers want to hear themselves
Your business has a voice – and so does your audience. Does your copywriting approach aim to speak direct to your customers in a style that feels right for them? Or is it talking formally when they’re looking for friendly or doing the hard sell when they need to be nurtured?

3. It’s not just the grey matter that matters
The latest example of word rage is a good reminder of just how emotion people connect with content. As I’ve written before on this blog, it can be surprising which buttons your copywriting approach can press. Keep in mind that people have an emotional as well as an intellectual response to content.

The words you use? People notice. They care much more than you might expect. Srsly.

By Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, Nottingham, August 2013

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