25 answers to popular copywriting questions 11 September 2013

I love a good question. Which is fortunate because I’ve been asked many in my years as a freelance copywriter. A lot of the really great ones come up over and over again. Here’s a round-up of the most popular questions I hear from business-owners. Do any of them sound familiar to you?

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“We want to review our copywriting approach – where do we start?”

If you’re wondering why your copy isn’t working as hard as it could be or you want to create content that gets remembered rather than just reading well, these posts are for you:

1. Capturing your copywriting special

2. Can copywriting work without a plan?

3. How copywriting can stop you spooking potential customers

4. Three copywriting tips for happier endings

5. How to avoid time travel in your business content

“We’re starting a new business/planning on re-branding our company. How can we make sure our marketing content matches our goals?”

Whether you’re planning a business re-brand, starting from scratch or looking to drive up the impact of your copywriting strategy, these posts are for you:

1. 3 copywriting questions no evolving business should ignore

2. Copywriting: cost or kerching?

3. Is your content over capacity?

4. 20 copywriting ways to fade

5. Change – best friend or worst enemy?

“What are the benefits of boosting our online copywriting strategy?”

Not sure what you’re missing without a website copywriting strategy or just thinking about your next move for your online presence? These posts are for you:

1. 6 copywriting steps to winning over the internet doubters

2. Attack of the 1000-word home page

3. What’s going on with online business?

4. Why online is the new high street

5. Can you really command more clicks?

“What can we do to get more out of our email marketing and newsletters?”

Know the value of email marketing, but still not being noticed? These posts look at the power – and the perils – of enewsletters and email communication:

1. Why this little statistic is one big copywriting clue

2. 4 things I love (and hate) about newsletter copywriting

3. How to send emails without losing customers

4. Is email a forgotten art?

5. 6 hidden email threats to your business

“We need to create a more distinctive tone of voice. How do we do that?”

Wishing your content was more distinctive? Like to know what you can do with your copywriting style to get seen and not overlooked? These posts are all about the advantages of a powerful tone of voice:

1. The burger than sounded like a conservatory

2. Is it just me or is everyone starting to sound the same?

3. What’s your copywriting colour? Part I

4. What’s your copywriting colour? Part II

5. Smile! Why personality counts in content

Want more?

Do you have another query about copywriting for your business? Like I said, I do love a good question, so feel free to get in touch.

By Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, Nottingham, September 2013

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