What's the point of putting a personal spin on my content? 17 April 2017

“What’s the point of putting a personal spin on my content?”

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This was a real question I was asked recently by a business-owner. I’m still surprised by the lingering misconception that copywriting is simply about creating content which reads well and is grammatically correct. As I’ve blogged before, it’s a view which misses the whole point of copywriting for business. In this conversation, my contact couldn’t see the value of having individual, unique marketing content.

Most of us understand the value of content in connecting with customers through a copywriting strategy. But many people still miss the point of content with a spin which is uniquely theirs. An example of this is the enewsletter which is not only branded to match a company, but which has a distinctive tone of voice and a clear message. Just this week I have received enewsletters from two businesses. In both, the newsletter itself was nicely designed and branded, but the content lacked any individual spark or personality. So in response to the question above, my answer is this:


People buy from people. I know that that’s a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason. Those people are still making a choice about whether they buy into you, even in your content and your copywriting approach. If there’s no real personality for them to connect with, they’re less likely to make a valuable emotional association with your product or service.

Spot the expert

Why bother to make your content more personal? Well, one big driver in the content marketing revolution is about raising your profile as an expert through your copywriting approach. But how can you achieve this without having a personal and individual spin in your content? If you go for generic content, you lose all the value of your experience and knowledge – and so does your audience. Go more personal and you grow important links between your brand and public perception of your expertise.

Value the difference

Putting the personal into your copywriting approach is what highlights the difference between you and other businesses out there. By opting for generic content, you risk sounding very similar to other companies. Similar equals less memorable which of course equals less reason for your audience to respond to your content…When you find and communicate what makes you different, you make yourself distinctive – giving you a distinct advantage in your market. One example of this is an accountancy company in Nottingham who were looking for a more entertaining tone of voice. The copywriting approach we developed to give their content more personality has had great feedback from customers.

Drive response

What’s more compelling – a blank face or a big smile? That’s the equivalent of the difference between well written, but bland content and a copywriting approach that builds in your personality. Even when content is well-written, it can still lack that something special. Factual, clear, simple…that’s all fine. But as human beings, we can’t help reacting to some character, to the evidence of a personality. Building your personality into your copywriting approach helps to create a response. Of course, it needs to be done appropriately and carefully, but you’ll make your copywriting strategy much more effective in the long-run.

Grow relationships

Keeping your content personal has another important advantage. If you carefully plan your personal spin within your copywriting approach, you’ll naturally encourage a more direct relationship with your target audience. Your tone of voice, your calls to actions and other aspects of your content will work much more effectively at creating a connection with your audience.

Time to get personal?

Like to look at ways to make your own copywriting approach more personal? Let me know!

By Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, Nottingham, April 2017

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