What are the copywriting benefits of reinventing your perspective? 27 January 2016

If I had to define the heart of copywriting, I’d say that it lies in saying what needs to be said in a distinctive, fresh and relevant way. But how do you gain that viewpoint upgrade when you’re a business-owner and very close to your subject?

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The key is to step back and look again at your business – from a new angle. Here are just a few great reasons to reinvent your perspective:

1. Convert cliché to cool

Just one of the many advantages of approaching your topic from a different angle is that it helps you to avoid the clichés that will keep your content sounding safe and familiar. When you think differently, you tend to communicate in different ways too. This will help your copywriting approach stay more up to date and alive.

2. Turn the new into more content views

Many businesses are familiar territory. We all think we know what an accountant does. Or a building supplies company. Or a dog-walking business. But when we take a new view on a topic that’s close to us, we discover new ways of telling the world what’s important about it. Cut through the familiar and you’re much more likely to define yourself from your competition.

3. Enjoy a tone of voice upgrade

When you stay with the same viewpoint, you tend to stay with the same style. A new view on your business can throw up some really interesting possibilities for your tone of voice. Look again and you’ll probably find there are some great new ways to talk about what you do. Instead of the factual and the familiar, perhaps it’s time to enjoy the benefits of a voice that is warmer and more about your audience than it is about you.

4. See it from the other side

A great way to update your copywriting approach is to stop thinking so hard about your business and try to see how your market views it. Look again at what’s really important about what you do – from your customers’ perspective. This will give you the fresh perspective to uncover what it is that makes your product or service of value to others

5. Stay up to date

Are you really selling all that your business has to offer – or are you just telling an out of date story? Stepping back can help you look past the limits of your own customary way of looking at and talking about your business.

6. Speak humanese

Sticking with the same old view could be keeping something crucial out of your copywriting approach – the human touch. Stay with the same view of your subject and you can end up hiding away the heart of your business. When you change your perspective on your topic, you can transform over-familiar robot-speak into content that reaches people.

7. Clarify the business benefits

There’s a conversation I’ve had with business-owners many, many times. It’s the one where I ask them what’s special about their business. And they tell me that they don’t know (although they really do). Scrutinising your product or service from a fresh angle can help you uncover – and define in your content – what is important about your business.

8. Fit your format

When we stay with the same old story, stale is more likely to take over. So too for our copywriting approach. Stepping back can completely refresh the way you convey your marketing message, whether it’s for a blog post, a tweet or a client proposal. Change your angle and you can create more flexibility in the way you see – and write about – your business.

9. Bring humour back

A sad thing happens when we hold on to an outdated view of a topic. We tend to lose humour and emotional impact when we write about. Drop your familiar view and you’ll probably start to find more humorous (if that’s appropriate, of course) or more inviting ways to talk about what you do.

10. Reinvent the everyday

It’s simple. Reinventing your view on a subject allows you to reinvent what you say about it. I should know. I’ve written for some sectors many times over. But what I love is the challenge of taking a new view each time to uncover what is uniquely special about that product or service. Each new take on a topic is an opportunity to see and state that subject in a whole new way.

Not found your new perspective yet?

If you’re finding it tough to come up with a fresh take on what you do, you can always ask a copywriter for some ideas. I know someone who can help!

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, January 2016

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