Why you should never forget what matters to your audience 11 February 2014

Image of ferret in copywriting blog by Camilla Zajac

You came here to read about content and copywriting – not the best way to look after your ferret.

We all like to feel that what we’re reading is relevant to our interests, don’t we?

Relevance matters. It’s what makes the difference between an online click towards your business and a swift move towards your competitors. Yet it’s still all too easy to find examples where businesses apply a copywriting approach that overlooks the huge value of relevance.

It is possible for content to be well written yet completely lacking in focus. But with so much content out there, it’s the copywriting strategies built around relevance which will be successful.

Here are three essential aspects of relevance to cover in your copywriting approach:

1. Everything but the name of their cat

Talking direct to your customer’s love for Tiddles is perhaps taking the personalisation of your copywriting approach a little too far. But you do need to find ways to adapt your overall messages to match the interests of your audience (feline or otherwise) as much as you can. What is it that entertains your customers? Would they respond to quirkier formats and messages? Find these things and focus your content around them. As I always say, less is more. Of course, relevance doesn’t only cover what entertains or engages your target audience. It’s also the thing that bothers them. What matters to them? Is it saving money or saving time? Is it dealing with a problem that keeps coming up? What are your customers’ biggest concerns right now? Because relevance doesn’t only work for everyday issues. You can apply it to immediate, time-sensitive problems which you may be able to address with your product or service.

2. Say it the way they see it

Are you saying ‘crafted’ when you need to be saying ‘made’? Without a truly relevant approach to tone of voice, your copywriting strategy could be pushing away the very people you want to invite in. To be really relevant, your copywriting approach will identify and stick to a consistent style which matches the aims and aspirations of your audience. Are they looking for a product to make them feel good about themselves or do they simply want a fast answer to a practical problem? This will make the difference between more relaxed, enticing language and content which is short, snappy and to the point.

3. Make them an offer they won’t want to refuse

What do you have to offer your potential customers? Is it an appointment, a free consultation or the opportunity to win something? Whatever it is, be sure that it matches what your audience wants. You’ve created content shaped around their goals, interests and concerns. You’ve communicated it in a tone of voice that speaks to them directly. Now be sure that the completion of your copywriting process is an offer which encourages them to respond. Then you’ll be closer to your potential customers. Not talking ferret-racing with the wrong people.

Want to chat more about content or tell me about your ferret? Let me know!

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, February 2014

Image by gomagoti

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