How to turn client testimonials into better copywriting 15 January 2016

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I really enjoy the first time I get to sit down and talk with a new client. It’s the moment I find out exactly what they want to say in their copywriting strategy.

But when you’re closely wrapped up in your own business, it’s not always easy to unpick what it is that makes it special, even though this is exactly what will help make your copywriting approach unique rather than generic.

However, there is one particular resource I’ve noticed business-owners often overlook at this crucial stage – the words that their clients use about them.

That’s right. Your client testimonials can prove invaluable when you’re planning your copywriting strategy. This is because a body of client comment gives you many good things, including:

1. An inside-out view on the value you provide
Take a closer look at your client testimonials and you may be surprised. You could discover that people find a value not just in the service that you provide, but the way in which you provide that service. That’s great material for your copywriting approach.

2. Why clients choose to keep on working with you
Is it your effortless way with people, your ability to resolve queries faster than others or it is just that you’re really reassuring in a crisis? These kind of insights can help you pick out what really matters to your customer-base and how best to communicate it to them.

3. Warm, cool or cosy?
Take a closer look at the kinds of adjectives your clients use to describe your service. These can be very revealing and an extremely useful thinking point for your content. Do these words relate to you specifically or to the way in which you work? It’s all great material for your copywriting approach.

4. Find the difference
Look out for hints on why your clients choose to use your services and not someone else’s. This is a great basis for creating content which defines you more clearly in your marketplace.

5. The clue is in the repetition
Watch out for any recurring patterns within your client testimonials. Do certain themes keep coming up? Check whether your existing content is actually ignoring something that your clients particularly value about you.

People power

Final thought? Don’t ignore your testimonials when you’re planning your copywriting process. If you do, you could be overlooking the very qualities that make your business special for the people who matter – your clients.

Want to chat more about this or other copywriting ideas? Let me know!

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, January 2016

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