Does your copywriting approach ignore these very human traits? 22 February 2022

Today, I have a little jargon to share with you…

Reticular activating system.

This is the name for the brain’s way of filtering out and selecting information from external sources. The reticular activating system has been described as the ‘focusing mechanism of the mind’.

While we still don’t know what a lot of the brain is for, or how it works, we do know some things. And this is one of them.

Clever wiring, not conspiracies

You know the strange way you hear about something and then see references to it everywhere? Like a book, a film or a type of car? Apparently, that phenomenon isn’t due to some weird conspiracy. It’s down to the reticular activating system.

Copywriting done right can help to make the most of the reticular activating system so your content creates the best possible message about your business.

Because, when you’re writing for people, it’s best not to forget they’re human. With all the fascinating habits, quirks and brain wiring which goes with that.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about the mind of your customer:

  • It’s selective
    An effective copywriting approach helps to fine-tune your content so your customer gets the message about what is most important to them. Instead of aiming to share everything about your business or service, start the copywriting process by identifying the things you would most like your customer to know about you, then build from there. It’s better for your audience to retain three key points about you, instead of none.
  • It’s receptive to repeated messages
    A considered copywriting strategy reinforces important messages in a powerful, appealing way which works without bombarding your customer with information. Don’t underestimate the benefits of including reminders of important points along the way – without being repetitive.
  • It can only take in so much information
    Instead of telling your customer everything and leaving them overwhelmed with detail, be sure that your copywriting approach summarises and strengthens key messages. Consider carefully how you physically structure your content, as well as the messages within it. Humanising your content means keeping ‘Less is more’ firmly in mind.

It’s a well-known fact that productivity grows as your focus becomes more dedicated. Keeping a human-friendly copywriting approach in mind can make your content more productive too.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, February 2022

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