4 errors to avoid when starting your copywriting process 10 September 2020

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Starting out on the copywriting process? There are a few key errors it’s best to avoid from the outset. Keep these at bay and you’ll keep your copywriting approach more productive and profitable:

1. Too much too soon

Remember the story where the happy ever after happened first? Of course you don’t. Yes, your copy needs to grab attention fast, but it can work its magic even more by using flow and interest to create a connection.

2. Too little too late

Have you ever set the scene for just a little too long? However complex or technical your topic, your aim is to create content that’s relevant to your reader. A long lead-in could get them making a quick getaway…

3. Too bold

Confidence in your content is essential. Pushy is not. It’s great to communicate what makes your business special, but there are ways of doing it without alienating your audience! On this note, writing in overly formal business-speak and long winded ‘jargonese’ is more likely to irritate than impress.

4. Too shy

At the other end of the scale there is the ‘wallflower’ copy that modestly sits in a corner and gets overlooked. I’ll stop the analogy right there. And just add that it really is OK for your copy to show off what you do. (Just think of it as showcasing). As long as you link it with the interests and priorities of your audience.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, September 2020

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