It's time to think about number one Thursday July 8, 2010

How many business-owners genuinely believe their business is fascinating? In my experience, not nearly enough. You’d be surprised how many conversations I’ve had to encourage people to see things differently. And how many questions I’ve needed to ask to draw out those vital clues. It’s not about being big headed. It’s not about bragging. It’s part of the marketing equation – writing about what makes them number one for their customers.

  1. Camilla, this is so, so true and I’ve blogged similarly myself. Another observation is that the business owners who are a bit too modest for their own good are also the ones who are extremely conscientious and thus provide exceptional service in comparison with louder-mouthed competitors. Do the two qualities go hand in hand?

    Francine Pickering    Jul 8, 09:00 pm    #

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