What texting says about copywriting for business 25 February 2018

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The other day a friend asked me for some advice about writing. But this copywriting review was for a text message she’d just sent. It was a bit of a sensitive subject and she wanted to know whether I thought the words came across in the right way. So, what can the world of SMS tell us about copywriting for business?

Think about the destination

Does your writing come across exactly the way you want it to? Just because your meaning is clear to you doesn’t guarantee that it will be clear to another person. Try to look at what you’ve written from the perspective of the other person, not just your own.

Don’t overdo your character count

A long and over-complex message invites misinterpretation. Keep your message clear and to the point. Look for ways to refine your writing to make sure that your reader stays with you for the entirety of your message. This will also ensure that the important stuff doesn’t get overlooked.

Watch for coded language

As with textspeak, we all have our own special language, whether it’s for a particular industry or company. Make sure your own jargon doesn’t get in the way of the overall message. Check for any ambiguities in what you’re saying. Is your message so specific that it excludes the reader or so open-ended that the reader doesn’t feel involved at all?

Switch off

Ignore your text or your writing for a bit. Then check it again. You’ll have a fresh take on your writing and whether it works. Never underestimate the power of a renewed view of your own writing. That break, whether it is five minutes, a day, or the time it takes to feed the cat, provides vital space to uncover any issues. Your content – and your cat – will thank you for it.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, February 2018

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