Why do people decide to work with Green Light?

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Here are just a few reasons…

Experience: Green Light’s extensive experience of writing unique content gives you copy that genuinely reflects your organisation – and the copywriting support you need, when you need it. It’s a depth of experience that has seen me write for all kinds of sectors and companies. Every minute of that experience goes into creating content designed around your business.

Commercial understanding: Does your copy really sell what you do? An individual copywriting approach means content that matches the way you want your business to evolve. Great copywriting shouldn’t just be about chatter, but about communicating what matters.

A unique voice: Every company is different so shouldn’t your content reflect that? I’ll work with you to identify a content style that suits your organisation and your audience – or match your particular house style. It’s what copywriting should be all about.

More insight: Looking for some fresh ideas or new ways to present a familiar message? That’s a Green Light speciality. Perhaps your blogging strategy has ground to halt or you’re about to launch a new product but you don’t know what kind of story to tell. Those are the types of challenges I’ve been solving for companies for more than 19 years!

Empathy: Yes, copywriting isn’t only about the hard business stuff, but about the ability to connect with a person and uncover exactly what they want from their content. I’m proud to say that the regional head of a leading business networking company once assured me that I have this quality in spades. That’s his opinion, of course. But if you want to see for yourself what a difference empathy could make creating a copywriting approach that feels right for you, give me a call!

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In touch: I’m always happy to meet for a confidential chat about how to make your copy work harder for you. Why not get in touch?

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