Who's for an 'ambient' sausage roll? 8 February 2010

Peckish? The Plain English Campaign was certainly hungry for an explanation about this product description from the Co-op. It turns out that the ‘ambient sausage roll’ label isn’t part of a new range of chilled out meat products, but the result of a clerical error.

Plain English please
The Plain English Campaign also highlights more deliberate copy bloomers with its annual awards. These celebrate the best (and shame the worst) of written communications. See the comments on winners in the Plain English awards results for a quick insight into the organisation’s view on what makes copy clear and effective.

Useful things
The Plain English Campaign website is worth a visit anyway if you haven’t had a look already. Try out the gobbledygook generator or test your knowledge in the online grammar quiz. Try it. It’s fun. But I would say that.

  1. Heh! I suspected that’s what they meant. Over in Sainsbury’s, the banners over the aisles in Arnold and Castle Marina now have space dedicated to Ambient Fruit Juice.

    Alex Foster    Feb 8, 01:19 am    #

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